[Pre-order] Youth Focus Emulsion 130ml (For anti-ageing)

AHC Youth Focus Emulsion 130ml Pro Retinal 11X™ (For Healthy Youthful Skin)

Daily renewing emulsion for a firm and smooth skin with deep nourishment.

PRO-A Retinal: Increases collagen and elastine in the skin to alleviate wrinkles and improve firmness, and reduces melanin generation to alleviate skin pigmentation and uneven skin tone.

Carnosine: Reduces oxidation and glycation, the key reasons for skin aging, and helps improve firmness.

α-Bisabolol: Helps prevent the generation of melanin, which is the key cause of skin pigmentation, and brightens the skin.

The lightly absorbed milky texture leaves no residual stickiness for deep nourishment and smooth skin texture.

Completed the skin irritation test on clean/well-balanced skin / completed the skin irritation test on sensitive skin.

Clinically tested to improve skin hydration / lasting skin hydration / skin texture.

No artificial colouring and no artificial fragrance.

Youth Focus emulsion contains 0.0001% of pure retinal.

87.00 BND