About us

Tiny Bookstore, Big Heart

Welcome to The Honey Bookstore, where dreams come to life through the pages of books.

The Honey Bookstore is more than just a bookstore, it's a place where dreamers, adventurers, and wanderers find solace amidst shelves filled with carefully curated books, ranging from pre-loved treasures to brand new gems.

Our backstory

The Honey Bookstore began its journey as an online venture called Books Beyond Brunei, inspired by owner Sallyhani Hazman's childhood dream of owning a bookstore akin to the one in her favorite Disney movie, "Beauty and the Beast." Sallyhani's passion for literature and her adventures exploring bookstores around Brunei and beyond laid the foundation for The Honey's mission: to instill the love of reading and arts in Brunei.

Sallyhani Hazman, the founder The Honey Bookstore, transitioned from a marketing career to pursue her childhood dream full-time after facing challenges during the pandemic. Her dedication and vision have led The Honey to achievements, including features in national media and collaborations with various artistic endeavors.

The Honey's Charms

What sets The Honey Bookstore apart is its vibrant community spirit and unique offerings. The bookstore adopts a library concept, with color-coded bookcases adorned with rainbows and fairy lights, creating a whimsical atmosphere that invites visitors to embark on literary journeys.

Our mission

Looking ahead, The Honey Bookstore envisions blooming further, planting seeds of reading and arts culture across Brunei through engaging events and programs. Sallyhani's commitment to serving the community and fostering a love for literature ensures that The Honey continues to grow as a beacon of creativity and inspiration in Brunei's cultural landscape.

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Block A, First Floor, Unit No. A1.03, (Office No. 5) Higher Point Complex, Jame’ASR Kg Kiulap, BE1518 Bandar Seri Begawan