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[Pre-order] The Simple Seerah: The Story of Prophet Muhammad SAW Part Two by Asim Khan & Toyris Miah

The Simple Seerah series relates the greatest story ever told: the life of the Prophet Muhammad. After struggling thought the challenges of Prophethood in part one, and narrowly surviving an assassination attempt by the Quraysh, the Prophet is left with no choice but to leave his hometown; the place he was born, raised and loved. Together with his best friend Abu Bakr, he migrates northwards in search of a new home. Now begin a New chapter in Prophet Muhammad’s life: building a new community. A community based on the principles of fairness, justice, kindness, and worshiping the One true God alone. Though warmly received by many in the city, there are pockets of people who don’t want him there and will try to undermine him at every step. And then there remains the issue of the Quraysh who only have one thing on their mind: revenge. For the best reading experience, we recommend to reading Part One of The Simple Seerah before starting this book.

35.00 BND

[Pre-order] The Simple Seerah: The Story of Prophet Muhammad SAW Part One by Asim Khan & Toyris Miah

It’s quite incredible when you think about it, that this book and many others like it are all written about a man who did not know how to read or write. The Prophet Muhammad is the most influential and loved human being to have ever walked the face of this earth. The things that he said and did over fourteen hundred years ago still impact the lives of billions around the world today. The Simple Seerah tells the story of Islam from the beginning: how an entire city tried to kill one man simply because he spoke the truth about God, calling for justice and the fair treatment of women and the poor. It is a tale of searching for truth, forming meaningful bonds beyond status or personal interest, and overcoming obstacles for the sake of the Almighty.

43.00 BND

[Pre-order] In Their Tested Moments: Stories of Strength, Mercy & Hope of the People in the Quran by Syaari Ab Rahman

Through their tested moments, there exist the hope we need to get through our own tested moments.  —— When we are tested, there is a chance that we will reach for the Quran to find inspirations to pull ourselves back up. In it we would find stories of past men and women who were also tested — the likes of Prophet Musa AS or Maryam AS — and we would look up to them with reverence because we are in awe with their unshakeable faith towards Allah.   While these stories act as a ‘bridge’ that connects us to the people of the past, sometimes we struggle to identify ourselves within their stories. They are the chosen ones, and we know our level of spirituality could never match theirs.   But what if, instead of just looking at their names and the miraculous circumstances surrounding the story, we look at the traits they displayed while enduring the tests such as bravery, honesty, and perseverance? In this book, author Syaari Ab Rahman takes us on a journey of Quranic contemplation that offers a fresh perspective on how we can reflect upon the stories and nurture the traits of the people mentioned in the Quran. Table Of Content Hope For The Struggling Woman Purpose For The Single Woman Priority For The Married Woman Courage For The Mother Respect For The Working Woman Honour For The Striving Woman Streangth in Being a Loyal Family Man Strength in Sacrificing for the Greater Good Strength in Being A Leader Strength in Standing Up For The Truth

23.00 BND

[Pre-order] The Parables of the Qur'an by Dr. Yasir Qadhi

The Qur’an is the word of Allah, it is the most eloquent and best of all speech. The Qur’an uses different rhetorical devices and parables to convey its message. Allah conveys to us facts, stories and examples as well as guidance and warnings throughout His book. Allah says in the Qur’an: ‘We have given every type of parable in this Qur’an so that they can understand and think’. This beautiful book will take 28 parables and aphorisms in the Qur’an and explain their context and meaning in order for us to understand, reflect and change our lives.

35.00 BND

[Pre-order] Gratitude: Making Sense of Life by Ummu Ahmadain

‘I discovered that with gratitude, comes abundance which further increased my gratefulness to Allah.’ Life is a myriad of blessings and abundance that comes from the One and Only God, Allah. We might often overlook these blessings due to distractions. We compare ourselves to others, we question the trials and tribulations that we face – the ‘why me?’ question. We even question Allah’s decree to us. We forget to be grateful to Him yet He constantly showers us with His Immense Mercy. Coupled with thematic artworks of the day and night event, this book captures the author’s personal reflection on honing the act of gratitude as a way of life. Each metaphorical chapter serves as a reminder that from Allah we come, and to Him we return; in every situation, whether the best or the worst.

23.00 BND

[Pre-order] The Spiritual Strength In Our Scars (Softcover) by Liyana Musfirah

We often pretend to be happy and put on a brave face for the world despite carrying the pain of enduring a personal struggle or adversity. When we are alone, that is when we fall into despair — for failing to overcome the struggles that we carry silently in our hearts. Are we considered strong if we do not fall when life pushes us to the ground? Do our faith and belief tell us that we cannot let our misery affect us because as the saying goes, “we must bear patience”? In this book, author Liyana Musfirah takes readers on a reflective journey of discovering the strength that emerges from each of our painful and scarring episodes. This is the book that celebrates what God has given women — the resilience to withstand emotional, spiritual, or even physical hardships.

23.00 BND

[Pre-order] Dear Broken Soul, Return Home to God by Liyana Musfirah & Maimunah Mosli

“What’s beautiful about being broken is that you start to realise how much feelings you carry. You are introduced to the layers of emotions that you never knew were in you all along.” *** Life is a place for us to be tested—this is something we know but going through a painful and heartbreaking experience can leave the heart feeling like it’s shattered into pieces. We succumb to the pain, drown ourselves in the whirlwind of emotions, and we end up becoming a person we no longer recognise because of our “brokenness”. But love and pain are emotions from God. So why does one bring us joy and the other makes us feel like we’re trapped in a dark hole? *** In Dear Broken Soul, Islamic educator, Liyana Musfirah, and licensed psychotherapist, Maimunah Mosli, explore what happens to us when we go through a heartbreaking experience and how we can revive the heart by seeking God through our brokenness. It also invites us to embrace one certain fact–our heart and its brokenness will always have a home to come back to–and that is with God.

21.00 BND

[Pre-order] When You Think You're Falling: Holding on to God's Mercy to Keep Going by Ameera Aslam

The journey of reconnecting with our faith can feel like falling in love sometimes. Everything is sweet in the beginning and there is a high that boosts us to be the best version of ourselves. We chase after perfection in our solah, in our Quran recitation, and in our sadaqah–thinking it’s the only way for Allah to accept our deeds. Until the chase exhausts us and we find ourselves in a slump. Suddenly we find ourselves at this intersection between powering through on our spiritual journey despite experiencing a type of spiritual burnout and giving up altogether thinking we’re not the chosen ones. Does being a good Muslim mean we never feel like we’re tired or we’ve failed? Is this journey only for the pious and selected few who are sin-free and have a strong hold of their faith? In this book, Ameera Aslam tenderly shares her own journey of finding mercy after hopelessness. Of getting back up after falling on her path to find Allah. — This book is an invitation for us, to let us know that in being a good abd’for Allah, it is possible to move from operating in fear, shame, and punishment to joy, hope, and gratitude.

23.00 BND

[Pre-order] Fortress of the Muslim [Leather Edition] by Sa'id Ali Wahf Al-Qahtani

This is an enlarged version of the widespread and well-known pocket sized book FORTRESS OF THE MUSLIM by SA’ID ALI WAHF AL-QAHTANI   رَحِمَهُ اللَّهُ. An encyclopedia of authentic remembrances and Supplications that is needed by every Muslim on daily basis, this book is highly regarded and has achieved top recommendations from all eminent scholars across the Muslim world and has been translated into over 75 languages so far. InshaAllah this special edition by Dakwah Corner Bookstore will be a great help for our elderlies, young children and also for those who prefer larger front size to benefit from this beautiful yet extremely important book.

25.00 BND

[Pre-order] Muhammad: His Character and Conduct by Adil Salahi

Muslims all over the world see Muhammad as God's last messenger to mankind. Through his actions, he showed the way to live a life that provides for all the needs of body, mind, and soul, and elevates man's aspirations towards a sublime ideal in a very simple, direct, and truthful manner. He built a state that was dedicated to truth and justice and to the liberation of man throughout the world. He wrote to emperors, kings, and rulers, calling on them to believe in God and to follow His message, yet, at the same time, he lived a life of poverty, leaving aside the riches that were offered to him. At a time when the Prophet is much maligned by writers, cartoonists, and various other detractors, this book aims to show Muhammad's true character in detail, both in its most everyday and most extraordinary moments. Adil Salahi's writings include the acclaimed Muhammad: Man and Prophet and Pioneers of Islamic Scholarship, and the English translation of the eighteen-volume In the Shade of the Qur'an. His main career has been in radio and print journalism, and for over thirty years he was editor of Islam in Perspective, a twice-weekly full-page column in the Arab News, a Saudi daily newspaper.

45.00 BND

[Pre-order] Mothers: A Role Model for Peace by Dr. Muhammad Salah

This is a compelling collection of notes that explores the central role that mothers play in the Islamic tradition in nurturing and raising children in a peaceful upbringing. Drawing on the teachings of the Qur’an and Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.), it highlights the value that Islam places on the family institution and the specific responsibilities that mothers have in promoting social justice and teaching moral values from the stories of the mothers of the believers and other great women in the history of Islam. It is a must-read for anyone interested in understanding the Islamic perspective on motherhood and parenting.

30.00 BND

[Pre-order] Whispers of Wisdom: Contemplation on Life’s Everlasting Lessons by Aiyen Segovia

Life, in its infinite wisdom, has a way of imparting profound lessons in the most unexpected ways. In the vast tapestry of existence, each of us embarks on a unique journey and along this path, we encounter countless experiences that shape our perspectives, challenge our beliefs, and inspire our growth. It is within these moments of reflection that we uncover whispers of wisdom, timeless truths that resonate deeply within us and illuminate the path to a truly enriched life. This book invites you to embrace the timeless teachings hidden within life’s ordinary moments. Within the pages, you will embark on a transformative voyage of self-discovery, exploring profound contemplations carefully curated to nurture your spirit, expand your realization, and inspire meaningful change.

23.00 BND

[Pre-order] Reflections: A Compilation of Reflections of Selected Ayat from Juz 1-30 of the Noble Qu’ran by Aisha Altaf

The Prophet said, “The Book of Allah, the Exalted and Glorious, is the rope of Allah. He who follows it will be upon right guidance and he who abandons it will be upon error.” [Sahih Muslim] It is from Allah’s immense favour and unlimited mercy that He has revealed the greatest Book—the Glorious Qur’an, which is a healing for the hearts, nourishment for the souls, and enlightenment for the minds. This book contains brief points of reflection from each Juz (part) of the Qur’an. The reflection points are theme-based and pertinent to everyday matters covering a range of topics from worship, supplications, morals and ethics, sustenance, and divine decree to dealings with people. 

35.00 BND

[Pre-order] O Mankind! by Umm Fahtima Zahra

Allah has blessed us with a glorious book, filled with sparkling Qur'anic Jewels: rubies, diamonds and pearls of incredible wisdom and supplications. He has also taught us through His beloved Messenger how to use these glistening gems in the best manner when composing any invocation to our Lord. Through Allah's great favour, this guidebook provides the invoker with all the beneficial tools to achieve a prefect and beautiful du'a!

28.00 BND

[Pre-order] From Darkness Into Light by A. Helwa

“From Darkness into Light” is an empowering collection of spiritual poetry inspired by the love of Allah, the spiritual secrets of the Qur'an, and the illuminating insights of the prophets. Beautifully composed world of devotional poetry. From Darkness into Light is a profoundly passionate book of poetry about mercy, guidance, timeless wisdom, prayer, self-love, faith, and the soul’s ultimate journey of healing, connection, and unity with the One. From Darkness into Light was written for those who are longing to experience a journey of spiritual deepening. For those who are looking for hope, for connection, and for a deep relationship with Allah. From Darkness into Light will inspire you to approach the Divine from love. It will show you how to turn your worries into worship and how to walk the path to God with all of your insecurities and doubts. This book is not for the person who is perfect in their relationship with God, but those who are looking to approach God with sincerity and honesty. From Darkness into Light lovingly reminds you: God’s plan for you is more glorious than you can ever imagine You are loved exactly for who you are God’s mercy encompasses everything including you The light you seek is already inside of you From Darkness into Light is perfect for: Muslim men and women of all ages Teachers to share with classrooms during poetry focused lessons Readers inspired by the works of Persian or Islamic poetry from writers such as Rumi, Hafiz, Saadi, Attar, Imam Al-Ghazali, Ibn Arabi, Khalil Gibran, ibn Qayyum, and others. Ramadan, Eid Celebration, New Years, Hajj, and holiday gifting “The intricacies of language and heart and love for God radiates through this book.” —Goodreads Review Fans of the internationally bestselling From Darkness into Light are saying masterfully written, filled with such gems of wisdom, Very uplifting, and The words bring comfort to my heart.” Illuminating insights of faith. An awakening of the soul. A gentle return to the deep well of wisdom within you. Healing the heart through the power of Divine Love. From Darkness into Light is an empowering collection of spiritual poetry and prose inviting you to step into the healing light of faith. It is a profoundly passionate book of poetry about love, heartbreak, forgiveness, wisdom, personal transformation, self-love, doubt, faith, God, and the soul’s ultimate journey of healing, connection, and unity with the One. From Darkness into Light was written for those who are longing to experience a journey of spiritual deepening. For those who have been wounded by the fear-focused only approach preaching in religion. For those who are looking for hope, for connection, for deep relationship with God. From Darkness into Light will show you how to approach the Divine from love. It will help you turn your fears into faith. It will show you how to turn your worries into worship and how to walk the path to God with all of your insecurities and doubts. This book is not for the person who is perfect in their relationship with God, but those who are looking to approach God with sincerity and honesty. From Darkness into Light lovingly reminds you: God’s plan for you is more glorious than you can ever imagine. You are loved exactly for who you are. God’s mercy encompasses everything including you The light you seek is already inside of you From Darkness into Light is perfect for: Readers inspired by the works of poetry from writers such as Rumi, Hafiz, Saadi, Attar, Imam Al-Ghazali, Ibn Arabi, Khalil Gibran, Yung Pueblo, Morgan Harper Nichols, Pierre Alex Jeanty, Rupi Kaur, Alexandra Vasiliu, Michaela Angemeer and others. Spiritual seekers of all traditions from Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, Taoism.

63.00 BND

[Pre-order] Healing The Emptiness by Yasmin Mogahed

Many of us have lost our way in this life. Some people have given up hope, as they see no way out of their pain, their problems, their failures. Some people carry years of shame and self-hatred. And some live with a deep emptiness, despite worldly success.  But there is hope. And there is always a road back. Just as we were sent on this worldly journey with the capacity to fall, we were also given the capacity to rise. Just as we would bleed, we would also heal. We would be designed with the divine capacity to cope. To survive. To even thrive through the storms. Each and every one of us would be given the God-given potential to see through the darkness. To rise through the cold. To break again and again, and to heal again and again. And then to be even more beautiful at the broken parts. This book provides a step-by-step guide for healing these broken parts—our emptiness.

63.00 BND

[Pre-order] Remembering Allah, Your Guide to Purifying the Mind & Soul by Amr Khaled

This book explains the meaning of Dhikr in a way that combines the profound spiritual experience with the logical intellectual evidence and its effect on the human mind. This combination reflects the connection between Dhikr in Islamic spirituality and the field of positive psychology which confirms that repeating the meanings that you believe in, day after day, increases your psychological strength and peace of mind. The goal is to share the sweetness and pleasure found in Dhikr. By providing the Adhkar for readers to learn and comprehend the meaning of each Dhikr, it is hoped readers will reap the benefits and reward. A practical plan is outlined to perform Dhikr, and through it, the reader may experience the effects of Dhikr in life and be of those who remember Allah. This book is the retitled second edition of Lives of Those Who Remember Allah.

50.00 BND

[Pre-order] Smart Teenage Muslimah by Farhat Amin

The teenage years are a time to dream big and gain confidence as a Muslimah. So why are teenage girls encouraged to be self-absorbed, materialistic and promiscuous? The myth is peddled that you will be happier if you're less religious. But are the ideas society expects you to embrace good for your mental health and well-being? Concepts such as self-objectification, rampant consumerism and secularism. Smart Teenage Muslimah is a thought-provoking guide for Muslim girls. In the book, you will: Discover guidance from our sacred texts to achieve peace of mind. Understand the purpose of your life. Learn what Islam has to say about puberty and sex. Get the facts about LGBTQIA+, feminism and gender identity. 'It is a must buy for parents, Islamic schools, teachers and teenage girls.' Hamza Tzortzis, Author: The Divine Reality: God, Islam & The Mirage of Atheism

45.00 BND

[Pre-order] Imam al-Ghazali: Hayat & Jasa Ilmuwan Ulung oleh W. Montgomery Watt

Kehidupan sewaktu kecilnya agak samar tetapi beliau kemudian mekar sebagai ilmuwan besar dunia. Baik di Barat mahupun dunia Islam, sumbangannya yang mencakupi pelbagai bidang ilmu melayakkan Imam al-Ghazālī digelar Hujjatul Islam. Pelbagai karyanya masih dibaca dan dikaji sehingga ke hari ini, terutama kitab Ihya Ulumuddin yang isinya mencakupi segenap bidang kehidupan beragama. Buku ini akan membuka mata pembaca terhadap segala daya dan keringat yang ditumpahkan al-Ghazālī dalam menuntun manusia kembali kepada landasan hidup yang benar. Biodata Pengarang William Montgomery Watt ialah sejarawan, ahli akademik dan orientalis dari Scotland. Dia lahir pada Mac 1909 dan menerima pendidikan di Kolej George Watson sebelum menyambung pengajian di Universiti Edinburgh dan Universiti Oxford serta meraih tiga ijazah dalam tempoh enam tahun. Meskipun pada awalnya kepakarannya adalah dalam bidang falsafah dan teologi, dia tertarik dengan ajaran Islam setelah sering berbual dengan seorang pembantu berbangsa India yang beragama Islam. Tidak lama kemudian dia dilantik sebagai penasihat kepada Uskup Baitulmuqaddis dan menjadikannya lebih berminat dengan Islam. Sepulangnya ke Scotland, dia dilantik sebagai pensyarah bahasa Arab di Universiti Edinburgh. Antara karya-karya pentingnya adalah Muhammad at Mecca, Freewill and Predestination in Early Islam dan Islam and The Integration of Society. Selain itu dia turut menterjemahkan beberapa karya Imam al-Ghazālī dan karya lain daripada bahasa Arab. Ramai sarjana menganggapnya sebagai pakar dan penterjemah karya Islam terkemuka Barat. Profesor William Montgomery Watt meninggal dunia pada 24 Oktober 2006.

35.00 BND

[Pre-order] Sahl Adebayo Dhikrullah Facets of Muslimah's Journey by Abu Sahl Adebayo Dhikrullah

No woman will open this book unless she finds herself mentioned. “Facets of Muslimah’s Journey” is a book on women in Islam. With authentic references from the Quran and Sunnah, the author touches on all sides of a woman’s journey in her lifetime: a daughter, a sister, a wife, a mother, a divorcee, and a window. This comprehensive yet approachable title gives the reader an insight into women’s rights, obligations, and limitations in light of textual evidence, biographies of past female figures, and the extraction of benefits from many authentic reports (of the Quran, Sunnah, and histories). “Facets of Muslimah’s Journey” is a gem amidst a sea of glasses in today’s contemporary issues surrounding “Islam and Women.”

23.00 BND

[Pre-order] As Long As The Lemon Trees Grow by Zoulfa Katouh

Salama Kassab was a pharmacy student when the cries for freedom broke out in Syria. She still had her parents and her big brother; she still had her home. She had a normal teenager’s life. Now Salama volunteers at a hospital in Homs, helping the wounded who flood through the doors daily. Secretly, though, she is desperate to find a way out of her beloved country before her sister-in-law, Layla, gives birth. So desperate, that she has manifested a physical embodiment of her fear in the form of her imagined companion, Khawf, who haunts her every move in an effort to keep her safe. But even with Khawf pressing her to leave, Salama is torn between her loyalty to her country and her conviction to survive. Salama must contend with bullets and bombs, military assaults, and her shifting sense of morality before she might finally breathe free. And when she crosses paths with the boy she was supposed to meet one fateful day, she starts to doubt her resolve in leaving home at all. Soon, Salama must learn to see the events around her for what they truly are—not a war, but a revolution—and decide how she, too, will cry for Syria’s freedom.

32.00 BND

[Pre-order] The Qur'an (text only) by M. A. S. Abdel Haleem

One of the most influential books in the history of literature, recognized as the greatest literary masterpiece in Arabic, the Qur'an is the supreme authority and living source of all Islamic teaching, the sacred text that sets out the creed, rituals, ethics, and laws of Islam. Yet despite the growing interest in Islamic teachings and culture, there has never been a truly satisfactory English translation of the Qur'an, until now. This superb new translation of the Qur'an is written in contemporary language that remains faithful to the meaning and spirit of the original, making the text crystal clear while retaining all of this great work's eloquence. The translation is accurate and completely free from the archaisms, incoherence, and alien structures that mar existing translations. Thus, for the first time, English speaking readers will have a text of the Qur'an which is easy to use and comprehensible. Furthermore, Haleem includes notes that explain geographical, historical, and personal allusions as well as an index in which Qur'anic material is arranged into topics for easy reference. His introduction traces the history of the Qur'an, examines its structure and stylistic features, and considers issues related to militancy, intolerance, and the subjection of women. Clearly written and filled with helpful information and guidance, this brilliant translation of the Qur'an is the best available introduction to the faith of Moslems around the world. About the Series: For over 100 years Oxford World's Classics has made available the broadest spectrum of literature from around the globe. Each affordable volume reflects Oxford's commitment to scholarship, providing the most accurate text plus a wealth of other valuable features, including expert introductions by leading authorities, voluminous notes to clarify the text, up to date bibliographies for further study, and much more. 

39.00 BND

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