Immersive Reading

Spend your time reading at the Honey!

Reading takes you to places you would never be able to visit, such as the past or a magical realm. It teaches you about people who are different from those in your own small sphere and it gives you an insight into how other people think. You will meet people from different countries, different worlds, different social strata, people whose brains work differently from your own, and people who have long been dead.

As well as expanding your horizons it's an enormously fun way to spend your time, lost in another world.

The Honey Bookstore opens its home for you to fully immerse yourself in your book, with no distractions and just you in the bookstore.


1. How much is it per entry and how long is the duration?

Entry fee is $5 per pax for 1 (ONE) hour 

2. May I borrow the book to read in the bookstore?

Yes, you may. Please ensure to keep the book clean once you're done reading them so we can give the opportunity for our other guests to read them!

3. May I purchase the books in the bookstore?

Yes, you may. All the books in the bookstore are available for sale.

4. Are the books at the Honey Bookstore available for rent?

Unfortunately, no :(
They are all books sent by people so they can earn a little extra income for themselves and the commissions would help us to keep running the store. Every book purchase would mean the world to us and our vendors as a way to support us with our business! 

5. What type of books do you have at the bookstore?

You'll find everything from fantasy titles to contemporary literature, and a whole section on romance, and rare to find books that you couldn't find in Brunei!

6. May I extend my duration in the bookstore?

Yes, you may! Should you wish to extend, there will be an additional payment of $30 per hour.

7. How do I make an appointment?

Simply fill up the form below and attach your bank-in screenshot when you submit the form.

8. What is your method of payment?

We would highly encourage bank transfers via BIBD/Baiduri. However, should you wish to make a cash payment, please notify us of the date and time for you to make your payment to the bookstore.

Payment at the door before your booking is highly discouraged as we would like to avoid ghosts and joy bookers.

9. How do I book the date and time?

At the bottom of this page, you will see our google calendar where you can pick the date and time of your session with us. Please ensure to provide a valid phone number and email address.

10. Am I allowed to cancel and request for a refund?

All payments are non-refundable nor transferrable to any other services. However, should you wish to reschedule, please notify us 2 - 3 days prior to your booking or else, your booking will be forfeited and there will be no refunds.

11. What are the facilities provided?

You will have the exclusive experience to read the books in the bookstore, you may also purchase them as well, there will be cozy pillows and blankets for you to use, and complimentary tea upon request.

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