Painting Workshop

Let's get creative!

Join our Painting Workshop to explore your creativity and express yourself on paper. Open to those interested in learning the basics, our sessions offer guidance, hands-on activities, and a fun, supportive environment. All materials are provided, so come ready to unleash your inner artist!

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What age is appropriate to join the workshop?

For participants ages above 7 years old. 

How much is it per pax?

The price for each pax $25 (Min. 3 pax | Max. 6 pax) 

How long will the duration be?

The duration will be 1 hour and 30 minutes. 

What will be the minimum and maximum pax per session?

Minimum pax 3 pax | Maximum pax 6 pax

Should you have any changes in the number of pax, please inform us as soon as possible.

Will there be art supplies provided?

Yes, there will be! We will provide the brushes, paint and paper for you to use.

May I have my artwork be published as an art book under the Honey Bookstore?

Yes, we may! We can compile your artwork into an artbook for you to keepsake of your memories at the Honey Bookstore. Please see the "Add-ons" section for more info.

May I bring my own art supplies from home?

Yes, you may. Always remember to bring it home when you're done with the session at the bookstore.

May I request for additional paint and paper?

Yes, you may. Please let us know should you wish to have add-on paint. Should you wish to have another piece of paper to paint on, there will be an additional charge of 50 cents per piece.

May I bring home the artwork I painted?

Yes, you may. You are welcome to bring it home for your own keepsake <3

May I extend my duration in the bookstore?

Yes, you may! Should you wish to extend, there will be an additional payment of $30 per hour.

How do I make an appointment?

Drop us a message via WhatsApp on this link to set an appointment. Once confirmed, fill up the form below and attach your bank-in screenshot when you submit the form.

What is your method of payment?

We would highly encourage bank transfers via BIBD/Baiduri. However, should you wish to make a cash payment, please notify us of the date and time for you to make your payment to the bookstore.

Payment at the door before your booking is highly discouraged as we would like to avoid ghosts and joy bookers.

How do I book the date and time?

At the bottom of this page, you will see our google calendar where you can pick the date and time of your session with us. Please ensure to provide a valid phone number and email address.

Am I allowed to cancel and request for a refund?

All payments are non-refundable nor transferrable to any other services. However, should you wish to reschedule, please notify us 2 - 3 days prior to your booking or else, your booking will be forfeited and there will be no refunds.

Art book

This artbook showcases the vibrant and diverse creations made during our Painting Workshop sessions. Each page features unique artworks from participants of all ages and skill levels, highlighting their journey of creativity and self-expression. From abstract compositions to detailed landscapes, this collection captures the essence of our supportive and inspiring workshop environment. Enjoy a visual feast of colors and styles that reflect the artistic growth and imagination of our talented community.


Additional participants
Min. 3 pax | Max. 6 pax


Book Publication

Inclusive of:

ETA: 3 - 4 weeks after class

Featured artwork of the students in an art book

2 (TWO) physical book

1 (ONE) digital book


E-book publication only of art book
Featured artwork of the students in a digital copy
ETA: 2 - 3 weeks after class


Additional 1 (ONE) copy of physical art book

Featured artwork of the students in an art book


Painting Workshop

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