The Forsyte Saga: Volumes I-III Complete by John Galsworthy

John Galsworthy's classic Forsyte Saga explores the triumphs and failures of an upwardly-mobile British family, following their progression from the 1770's until after the Great War and the family's patriarchs, James and Jolyon and their sprawling family tree down unto their grandchildren. Galsworthy, born of wealthy stock himself, uses the books as an opportunity to talk about family and class in Great Britain at the turn of the century and the changing nature of property, title and marriage as the world changes around some wondrous, amusing and occasionally terrifying characters occupying the Forsyte clan. This collection which includes the three main books, "The Man of Property", "In Chancery" and "To Let" as well as the interludes "Indian Summer of a Forsyte" and "Awakening" is a rare glimpse into the absurdity of 19th century England's class system and an iconic family which whose members are as deceitful as they are alluring. A true classic.

15.00 BND