[Pre-order] The Lost Art of Doing Nothing: How the Dutch Unwind with Niksen by Maartje Willems

“The best thing about niksen is the absence of a goal. It doesn’t serve a purpose, but it’s wonderful.”

Don’t you think it’s time for a break? Plagued—as we are!—by nonstop pings and notifications, we have lost the knack of zoning out. Kicking back. Slacking off . Even when pandemic-induced lockdowns forcibly cleared our calendars, many who thought I’m free! filled their days with Netflix and doomscrolling. How can we reclaim our free time (planned or not) to truly rest and reset?

The Dutch have it figured with niksen. Perhaps their best-kept lifestyle secret, niksen is the art of doing, well, nothing . It’s the opposite of productivity, and it’s incredibly good for your . . . If you’re waiting for an invitation to go lie down in the sunshine, this book is it.

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