Rent our bookstore

We are a small bookstore of 147 sq. ft. that is ideal for small and intimate gatherings with loved ones. Although our bookstore is small, the walls have echoed endlessly laughter by our previous guests who loved the coziness, fantastic surprise twists and turns of antiques, and hundreds of books from pre-loved to brand new ready to meet their new book-loving owners

Curated set-up

For private events

For birthday celebrations, bridal showers, or even, private get togethers. Our bookstore is just the perfect cozy space for a small intimate gathering of 6 - 10 pax (sitting on the floor) or 6 - 10 pax (with a table and benches).

For workshops/classes

Whether you would like to have weekly or one-off class/workshop, our bookstore can offer the most intimate setting for your needs.  We have hosted D&D Game Nights, crochet classes, and writer's retreat at the bookstore. What better way to engage in your creativity from the little aesthetic place of our home <3

6 - 10 guests max | table and benches

For filming/photoshoot

We have had production crews who have used our bookstore to shoot documentaries, music videos, and we were even featured on the news. We welcome our home to those who wish to have our bookstore as a backdrop to your videos or photoshoots.

8 guests max | electrical sockets provided 

Warning: As our bookstore is located in the hustle and bustle of Kiulap where we are nearby the mainroad and we have gyms and fitness classes within our area. There will be 'extra' background noises that you might hear during your filming. We would advice for you to film during the quiet times i.e. outside of the gyms working hours or during the early mornings or late evenings.

For Movie Nights

Looking for an intimate place to watch vintage films with your loved ones? We can provide that for you <3

Every Friday and Saturday evenings, we will be featuring book-to-film titles at the bookstore ⭐

3 - 10 guests max | projector provided | movies chosen by the Honey

Looking for inspirations for your events at the bookstore?

Check out our portfolio of all of our previous events!

Rent out our bookstore

Bring along your friends for an unforgettable movie night at the bookstore!

Looking for a beautiful cozy space to host meetings, immersive reading, or host private events? Our home is just the right fit for you!

Our home welcomes all the production houses or aspiring tiktokers to record or snap pics of the aesthetics of little bookstore